Monday, March 7, 2011


Saturday was spent acquiring the Pokemons a day early. It was a bit of an ordeal but I succeeded with cunning and excellent acting skills. (read: Oh, wow, I must have dropped my ticket when I went to got food, oh no! I'm so sorry! Sure, I'll talk to a manager...)

May have spent more time gloating than actually playing.

Lip is Anna Sui Vivid Rouge V. Figured any black-and-white themed thing is an excuse to bust out the wacky halloween dressup mouth. The formula is so effin nice - as a MAC pricerange luddite I'm amazed at how creamy and pleasant it feels on. Keep wanting to just kinda wear it around the house. You guys might have to check up on me and make sure I haven't spiraled down even further into every salty goth girl cartoon character...I'm already purple-haired and doughy, kinda running out of strikes here.

Downsides: Rose scent. Tastes like grandma.

Anyway. So now I'm in Florida for a week. You know what rules? Because airport art. Palm Beach International, you are a treasure.
Up top, Melinda!

Mother fuck is it nice here. Swim / eat / sun self all day, draw all night.

In other news, Lip Smacker's ad team is killin it. Wherque.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Uniqlo x Norwegian Wood, you are so silly.

When I spent a handful of lunch periods curled up in my high school's library reading this book, I thought to myself, "God, I want the title of this on a bright red shirt in metallic gold Boogie Nights font one day." I'm a star, I'm a star, I'm a star. I'm a big bright shining star.

Michaela Zacchilli Ghost Dad shirt. Homemade. Highlighter green. Ghost Dads.

This BAPE x AKB48 collab is likely paleolithic to the internet but new to me and I covet. I'll take a 4xl / O little Mayuyu, they even drew in your ears...

I leave you to ponder Momoka Eri's Tequila Balls.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today I stumbled naked into the daylight at around 2 pm to eat sushi from a boat. Note dye-stained goblin fingers snatching a Sake Bomb on the right. Miss u, Sake Bomb. Enter my mouth again soon.

Lunchmates were bffgf Meesh and her lovely friends from NC. Sarah had these awesome giant stuffed hands for the Flaming Lips show they went to. She did not eat with them on but I imagined it really hard.

Then I preordered Pokemon White you guys―!!♪♫♡♪♫ Cashier was such a muffin, qt with homemade Mother 3 pins on his lanyard - Briape02, you are a ray of sunshine and on the day of this game's release I pray for your soul. P.S. sext me.

But enough about undesired advances towards eligible Nintendo World employees. Allow me to get to the good stuff:

One, a very rad Pokemon lady mailed to me by teen heartthrob Maré Odomo. "This was supposed to be for the Giant Robot show, but I fucked it up." SHE'S PERFECT TO ME, MARÉ.

Two, baby's first successful individual false eyelash application (It was traumatic, but I pulled through in the name of womanhood. Unruly fuckers) and my absolutely foul new phone case. I endeavored to find the crustiest, most stylistically abhorrent faux-decoden case possible and Soho did not disappoint. I taste lead every time I take a call. Fashion!

Behind me is my dreamcatcher, otherwise known as Stoya's ass mounted on neon green cardstock.